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Welcome Annual Reports Annual Report 2011

Annual Report 2011

2011 Annual General Meeting

The 36th Annual General Meeting of the Binfield Village Protection Society

30th June 2011 at Binfield Primary School

Business Items

  1. Margaret Foster welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming to the AGM.
  2. Minutes from last year's AGM were reviewed and it was agreed that they could be signed off. One change should have read November 2010 SADPD.
  3. The Annual Report was reviewed along with the Treasurers Report produced by Colin Hole.
  4. A special thank you was made for the contribution from Foxley Fields Residents Association.
  5. Annual Report and Treasurers Report was agreed for signing off
  6. It was proposed that Margaret Foster be elected as the Chairperson for next year 2011-2012.
  7. This was proposed by Lesley Ashley and seconded by Rosemary Davis
  8. It was proposed that Colin Hole be elected as the Treasurer for the next year 2011-2012.
  9. Proposed by Margaret Foster - seconded by Mr. H. Darlywimple.
  10. It was proposed that the following members are elected to the Committee of the BVPS for next year 2011-2012:

Joan Utting

Chris Bickley *

Colin Hole

Claire Jackaman

Angela Davey

Sue Runham

Duncan Hullis

John Hargreaves

Judith Vucic

Proposed by Nigel Rennie

Seconded by Malcolm White

Local Residents Survey on Planned Housing Development Sites - Presentation by Claire Jackaman

  1. The survey was compiled by BVPS, Northern Arc Action Group and Crowthorne Village Action Group and was made available for all residents of Bracknell.  It was advertised in the local press, by BVPS Alerts, via BVPS website, social media sites, leaflets in local shops, libraries, pubs and some shops.
  1. Claire thanked all members from the groups who had worked hard on inputting and compiling the survey result s and for printing and distributing the completed survey.
  2. The survey was produced because many residents felt that the BF Council on line questionnaire was too difficult to understand and complete.
  3. The BFBC questionnaire, (SADPD - Site Allocations Development Plan Document) was completed by 700 residents.
  4. Our survey was based on facts and the objective was to get a clear accurate view from resident on the planned housing development sites.
  5. The groups had advice from a professional market researcher from the GVAG who gave guidance on the issues involved and what questions to ask in our survey.
  6. The survey was completed by 1681 residents either on-line or via a paper copy.
  7. The completed survey was sent to all 42 Bracknell Forest Borough Councillors, 3 MPs (including Adam Afriyie who provided a letter of support); the Bracknell Labour Group; Parish Councillors and Local press
  8. The Council have not made their final decisions on the Planned Housing Development sites and we still need to put pressure on our MPs and Councillors to find out what they are going to do in response to the survey results.

The Localism Bill and how this will change the way communities and councils interact

Guest Speaker: Victor Nicholls - Assistant Chief Executive of Bracknell Forest Borough Council

Victor trained as a town planner. He explained that he also has a background in Crime and Disorder and Town Centre Regeneration. Victor said that the Localism Bill started in the House of Commons and it is now going through the Committee Stage.

In his introduction, Victor noted three key areas,

Too much centralisation means

The new Bill will mean

Summary points covering key aspects were

Community Rights: Context

Community Rights:

Reforming the Planning System

Neighbourhood Planning

Community Rights to Build

Reform the Planning System

Reforming the Planning System


Vacuum on Planning Issues

Reforming the Planning System

Social Housing

Overall Effect of the Localism Bill - Government View

Questions were then taken from the floor:

Q: One resident asked if our Council would steam roll ahead with their plans before the Bill is passed?

A: Victor said the Bill still has a way to go before it is finalised and we will have to wait and see.

Q: Another resident asked if our local Councillors were invited tonight?

A: Margaret said that they were but none of them attended.

Q: The question was asked if our Council can compulsory purchase the empty office blocks in Bracknell?

A: Victor said that CPO's can be applied for if the buildings are required to complete a scheme.  It is difficult to purchase some of the offices in our town as they are very expensive and the owners will command a high value. Some of the offices have been purchased for the regeneration scheme including the office above Mothercare and Ocean House above Princess Square.

Q: It was also asked that if the Standards Board is abolished and we get rid of the benchmark - is it wrong to giver power to the local Councils?

A: Victor said the Council would still have to abide by basic rules and Council ethics.

Q: Residents felt it was wrong that the decision to cut the housing development sites from 8 to 4 was taken by the Executive Cabinet and not by the full Council.

A: Victor explained that cabinet decisions make the process quicker. The Executive still have to abide by a check and balance procedure. The Scrutiny panel oversee all executive decisions.  Any decisions are open to the Calling In procedure.

Q: Angela Davey asked why we do not have a local Councillor on the Executive Committee to represent Binfield residents.

A: The Executive chooses the members. The Localism Bill will allow decisions to go back to the full Council.

Q: Nigel Rennie asked if Victor received a copy of the Residents Survey and he asked Victor what he is going to do about the survey. How can we get our views across to the Council?

A: He said that we have done the right thing by sending the survey to all the Councillors and MPs. Victor said that he would speak to Bev Hindle - regarding the survey results

Q: The predetermination rule stops our local Councillors speaking on our behalf - what can we do.

A: Victor said that the Localism Bill would make it more straightforward He said that he would check the predetermination rule

Q: Angela Davey asked why the Government are giving Councils money for Development.  This is a big incentive for Councils to approve development in order to get more money.  

A: Victor said that it is not quite how it is going to work - we will need money for the economy and social needs.

The formal meeting concluded and Margaret Foster thanked Victor and Claire for their presentations and everyone for attending and making their subscriptions and donations. The meeting followed informally over drinks and refreshments.

Margaret Foster, Chairperson

Claire Jackaman, Meeting Minutes Secretary

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