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Welcome Annual Reports Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012

2012 Annual General Meeting - 11th July 2012


1. Apologies for absence were received from Sue Runham, Sheila Sturge and Joan Utting. Colin Hole, Mr and Mrs  Ferris.

2. Treasurer's Report and Adoption of Accounts

The report was audited by Sheila Sturge, who has audited the accounts of the Binfield Village Protection Society for some years now. In the absence of the bvpsTreasurer, Colin Hole, the report was presented by Duncan Hullis. As at April1 2012, there was a balance of £3,800.  Total income was £4,482.24 via subscriptions and donations.  Expenditure total was £1560 – hall hire and training.  To date there is a balance of £2,891.90.

Membership is slightly down on last year, as are subscriptions.  But a donation was gratefully received from the Foxley Fields Society who, on their closure, donated their funds to the Protection Society. Other large donations have been received this year

Adoption of the report was proposed by Duncan Hullis and seconded by Margaret Foster. The report was accepted unanimously by those present.

3. Election of Treasurer

Colin Hole was proposed by Duncan Hollis, seconded by Alan Foster. Elected by those present.

4. Election of Acting Chairperson

Margaret Foster, having been one of the longest serving Chairs of the bvpsCommittee, expressed her wish to stand down as Chairperson this year. Duncan Hullis has prepared a role description for an incoming chairperson. Duncan pointed out that the society has been in existence since 1975 and in conjunction with other groups has achieved much success in ensuring the village has developed as we find it now.  But it is now faced with a number of challenges.  A chairperson is needed to co-ordinate with people from all sources – the Borough Council, Parish Council and other village organisations.  This is a non political organization.

In the absence of any nominations, Margaret Foster agreed to stand as Acting Chairperson until the end of September. Discussion took place.

Margaret felt that no newcomer could take on the work of the  BFC SSADPD which is expected to come before an Inspector at a Public Inquiry in the autumn (Oct. / Nov.) without help from a retiring Chair and experienced Committee.  But this will be available from Margaret and other members of the bvpsCommittee  for anyone who comes forward.   A proposal that Margaret became  vice Chair was not thought to be satisfactory and  may not be what a new Chair would want.  Margaret repeated she would be able to advise the Chair-elect for a long time to come.

Duncan was asked if he would stand.  He felt he could not as he was serving the community by Chairing / leading the Scout movement in the village, at the moment

It was proposed by Duncan  Hullis and seconded by James Foster that Margaret Foster should become Acting Chairman until September 2012, and would support all members of this year’s committee. This was agreed by the meeting.  Thanks were expressed by Margaret to the meeting for their support.  

5. Committee Membership

Duncan asked  the elected Acting Chair who was  being put forward for this year’s Committee. The Acting Chair proposed the following members for the 2012 bvps Committee

Angela Davey, Sue Runham, Joan Utting, Laura Hogevold,

Duncan Hullis, David Elliot, Richard Rhodes, Colin Hole

The proposal was seconded by Sara Jolly and agreed by the meeting.

6. Changes and developments in Bracknell Town Centre

Helen Barnett, Marketing Manager of Bracknell Regeneration Partnership then gave an informative presentation of the plans for the redevelopment of Bracknell Town Centre and answered a number of questions from the audience. One small item stood out from the main body of a very positive presentation about Bracknell Town Centre regeneration, by Helen that some serious effort should now be put into the consideration of development and growth in the rest of the Borough.  

One questioner asked if the proposals of BRP would produce a beautiful Bracknell?

Helen said that she had, that day, seen some very impressive designs from businesses and companies who were planning to come to Bracknell.  Another question was how long will the Regeneration take?  Helen answered that real start-up would be in the autumn of this year, 2012.

A member of the public had the final say when he expressed his confidence that the proposals to re-develop Bracknell by the BRP had more chance of success than he had previously anticipated and he looked forward to a bigger and better Bracknell.

The newly elected Acting Chairperson, Margaret Foster echoed these remarks and thanked Helen Barnett for a very interesting and uplifting presentation on the future of Bracknell Town Centre

Other thanks were warmly expressed to Mrs Sheila Sturge for auditing the Accounts, to Claire Murphy for the production of the Posters and the Annual Reports, to Thyme In for the delicate and delicious refreshments, to three very young people for delivering 3000 Annual Reports, to the mothers who helped the youngsters to deliver the Annual Reports to nearly every house in the village, to those members who instantly sent in their annual subscriptions on receiving the reports. Thank you also to the Trinder family, Alan, James and Marnie for helping with the administration of the Annual General Meeting this evening.

After the AGM Business came to a close refreshments were served and a number of people expressed their interest in joining the BVPS Committee. They were warmly welcomed and have been invited to the next Committee Meeting which is on Sunday, 22nd July, 2012. Other new members are invited to indicate their interest by e-mail BVPS

Thank you for attending the BVPS Annual General Meeting for 2012 and for your continued interest in protecting the parish of Binfield and the countryside around it from inappropriate development.  

Margaret Foster,   Acting Chair 2012.    Binfield Village Protection Society.

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