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Blue Mountain

News Update - Oct 2014

Local Groups continue to be very active. Here are minutes from a recent meeting of the Blue Mountain Community Reference Group.

At the BFBC Executive Council meeting on 21st Oct a (so-called) Strategy for the Learning Village and Community Facility was debated.

News Update - Jan 2014

Predictably - and despite 2600 signatures of people opposing the councils plans to build on Blue Mountain - the council voted to remove the agreement which would have protected the land for 125 years.  Ignoring local residents and for whatever reasons permitting the destruction of the major green space facility in the North of Bracknell.

News Item - Dec 2013

BVPS has contacted the council to clarify the date and process of the council's decision on the Blue Mountain Section 52 agreement. This is the response from the Borough Solicitor:-

The request from the landowner that Blue Mountain Golf Course should be released from the section 52 agreement will be considered by the Executive at its meeting on 10th December. However, the (officer) recommendation in the report is that although the Executive should express its support in principle for the release of the agreement , in light of the number of representations received the matter should be referred to full Council on 22nd January 2014 in order that all Members should be afforded the opportunity to express their views and to formulate a recommendation.

By law, the decision on whether or not the section 52 agreement should be released must be taken by the Executive, a committee of the Executive, an individual Executive Member or an officer. It is proposed that following the Council meeting the Executive Member for Planning and Transportation (Councillor Turrell) should make the final decision. Although any recommendation made by Council will not be binding upon Councillor Turrell it will be a relevant consideration which he will doubtless have regard to.

News Item Sep 2013

BVPS are actively supporting a group of residents who are focusing their efforts on the Blue Mountain site which has been identified for development in the Local Plan.

Details of the new group were provided in the BVPS July Newsletter

Details of this local pressure group (Save Blue Mountain) can be found by clicking on the logo above. Their you can find further information and resources and provide financial and practical support to our group.

Bracknell Forest Borough Council have announced its intention to remove protective agreements relating to the site and asking people to make their representations. The following link provides details. Please make your view heard.

We would also like to find out how much you use Blue Mountain. Please find time to complete this survey and return it to the Save Blue Mountain team.

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