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The Case Officer

Your first contact should be the Case Officer, their name and phone number can be found on the Neighbour Notification and on the first page of the on-line Planning Application Document. 

Once you have decided on your main reasons for objecting to the Planning Application we suggest you call and invite them to visit your home or the proposed site to discuss the issues you have. 

Please remember that the Case Officer is not the Developer and not someone to blame for all this hassle and stress!! 

The Case Officer is the person who makes (or recommends) the decision to Approve or Refuse the Planning Application, in our experience they are usually extremely helpful and knowledgeable. 

The Case Officer cannot give you a decision at that meeting, but they will take your views into account in reaching a decision. But you will still need to “write in” with a formal objection. 

If time permits we suggest that you write your objection letter after meeting with the Case Officer. Depending on the circumstances and concerns you have, the Case Officer may want to understand if there are any changes that could be made to the Plans to make them more acceptable to you.

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