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Conservation Area

We have proposed Wicks Green Lane and Monks Alley as a conservation area for Binfield.

The area was assessed by Jon Mullis, who is the Historic Buildings Consultant, for Bracknell Forest Council who reported:

"We fully support the designation as a Conservation Area and would recommend that it is appraised in accordance with English Heritage's guidelines".  

The Council has now undertaken a full appraisal report and this document forms the basis of a public consultation to seek the views of local residents in Binfield and the Borough.

The report, titled ‘Conservation Area Appraisal - Wick’s Green, Binfield’ identifies the boundary of the proposed conservation area and highlights the special character and attributes considered worthy of preservation.

The consultation period started on Monday 17 January and finished on Monday 28 February 2011 and the document can be downloaded here.

Conservation Area Appraisal Wicks Green Binfield

NOTE: You may find this 30 page document an interesting read, it contains a lot of information on Binfield's history, photographs and old maps. The proposals are clear and concise. We have also featured photographs of Wicks Green Lane in our Photo Gallery.

Binfield Village Protection Society prepared a written representation for Binfield Parish Councillors attending the Finance & General Purposes Committee meeting on February 15th, 2010:

Copy of the BVPS representation to Binfield Parish Council (663kb)

Binfield has a very long history with many character properties and countryside which we feel are worth protecting. We believe it is important to preserve the character of these lovely lanes for residents and visitors to be able to enjoy now and for generations to come. Conservation Area Status will give this area extra protection from unwelcome development and traffic.

We were therefore, surprised and very disappointed to learn that Binfield Parish Council had voted against designation of the Conservation Area:

FINANCE & GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE - MINUTES (15th Feb 2011) Chaired by Cllr John Harrison

Cllr Mrs H Doyle proposed, and Cllr Mrs A McLean seconded the motion that the parish council should oppose the designation of Wicks Green and Monks Alley as a conservation area.  Each Councillor was given the opportunity to ask questions and express an opinion about the proposal. The following points were included in discussion:

A vote was taken and it was RESOLVED to oppose the proposed designation.

NOTE: A copy of the full F&GP committee meeting minutes can be downloaded from the Parish Council Website: www.binfieldparishcouncil.org.uk

We do not understand the Parish Council's reasoning behind this decision.  

We think that:

Binfield is already under threat from large housing developments to the east and west of the village. Conservation Area designation would secure extra protection from development in the north of the village, and help preserve these lovely rural lanes, Silver Jubilee Field, Wickes Green, and the adjoining countryside, for our future generations to enjoy.

We can only hope that the Borough Council Officers review this issue at some future date

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