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HEATHROW Flightpath Trials

News Item: Oct 2014

For anyone who is upset and angry about the increase locally in aircraft noise, it was really invigorating to be with 1,000 protestors at a meeting at Ascot Racecourse on 13th Oct, challenging a panel of managers from Heathrow to defend their policy. They admitted that they had been taken aback by the extent of the protest in this area, as the same had not happened at Gatwick!

The councillor for Sunninghill chaired the meeting, and he did manage to keep control and stop people simply shouting out.

Adam Afriyie MP promised to continue his twelve year fight against aircraft noise, particularly on behalf of residents who had actually moved away from Heathrow in order to have a more peaceful life.

Borough Councillor Robert McLean asked if the Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee had been informed before the trials began and a later answer did not make it clear that this had happened.

The Heathrow people and the Civil Aviation Authority explained that

1) Their survey is on behalf of the Government, which has to plan the future of aviation over the whole country

2) Although air traffic control equipment is perfectly safe, there is a need radically to update it – just as we all now use sat-nav. They acknowledged the anger and distress which residents are feeling.

The outcome for the time being is that the Flightpath trials will be suspended in November, two months earlier than planned. However there will be further trials in September 2015


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