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Murrell Hill/ Foxley Lane Site

News Update - Oct 2014

Final approval for the development was given at the BFBC Planning committee meeting (agenda item 43) on the 18th September. Work has now commenced with the predictable disruption.  END OF STORY - A VERY LONG STORY!

News Update - Jul 2014

 Work has started to clear the entrance to the site before the final plans have been agreed and approved. PLEASE BE VIGILANT.

The number of documents accessible through the Planning Portal now numbers 300, with the arrival of a full set of new documents dated 2nd July from the Developer. The current aim is that this case will be put to the Planning Committee on the 21st August. PLEASE READ THE LATEST SET OF DOCUMENTS AND MAKE APPROPRIATE COMMENTS TO THE PLANNING OFFICERS.

The Planning Application Reference 13/00784/REM has now two associated references 14/00056/COND and 14/00032/COND which give details of relevant to the various conditions being discussed with the Planning Authorities - Access Road, Surface & Foul Water, Construction Method Statement, Off-site highway works, Contaminated Land Survey, Archaeology, Wildlife Protection, Habitat restoration and Tree Protection.

News Item - Dec 2013

BFBC was unable to make a decision in December. An extension has been agreed. The matter will be considered by the Planning Committee in February if the developers provide all the relevant information by the 8th Jan.

News Item - Sep 2013

Planning Application 13/00784/REM submitted 16 Sep 2013.

Submission of details of layout, scale, appearance and landscaping for the erection of 67 dwellings and associated open space, landscaping and parking with access from Foxley Lane, pursuant to outline planning permission 11/00682/OUT


News Item - Feb 2013

The Planning Inspector has now made a decision. Another battle seems lost. Please take time to read the Inspector’s report. There are conditions. Can we see any way that these conditions could not be met?


Planning Application 11/00682/OUT was first submitted in Sept 2011. The developers (Croudace) want to build 67 houses on the filed bounded by St Marks Road, Foxley Lane and Murrell Hill with an entry/exit point on the bend of Foxley Lane.

A long saga running for almost a year now with in excess of 400 documents lodged on the Council Planning Website comprising a huge number of objections as well as numerous iterations by the developer who has tried (and in our view failed) to address valid concerns with very minor tweaks to the initial application.

The decision was taken to refer this to the Planning Inspectorate in November 2012.

BVPS Activities

BVPS with the active support of many members has been instrumental in ensuring the huge level of interest in this proposed development. Very many individuals throughout the village have written in opposition to the proposed development.  We have also collected a petition of objection with many hundreds of signatures from other concerned residents.

Prior to the SADPD decision, the land is outside the settlement area; the access is completely unreasonable; the infrastructure issues have been very poorly addressed…. The list of objections is almost endless.

BVPS will continue to express the very valid concerns of members and residents by direct representation to the Planning Inspectorate.

The BVPS Input to the Planning Inspector is here

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