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Binfield Nursery Site

News Update - Feb 2015

The Application was considered at the January meeting of the BFBC Planning Committee. The Applicant did not consider that the scheme was financially viable if the affordable housing provision is to be met. A decision has been deferred to a future date.

News Update - Oct 2014

Despite a second heritage group - the Georgian Society - also very kindly supporting the advice (below) provided by the Victorian Society, the BFBC Planning Committee, at their meeting on the 16th Oct,  approved the application for listed building consent for alterations to the walled garden, comprising the removal of two lean-to buildings, the widening of the existing opening on the west side of the walled garden, and the in-filling of the existing archway on the south side of the walled garden. Clearly disappointing news.

The advice by the Planning Officers for the erection of of 24 dwellings with associated landscaping and access from Knox Green following demolition of existing buildings was also considered but the current status remains - pending decision.

Before the October planning meeting, BVPS had reminded the Planning Officers of discrepancies and omissions in the process for deciding this planning application and also highlighted particular residents concerns. Specifically, it is unclear whether S106 planning obligations have been completed and there is uncertainty as to whether a valid site survey has been undertaken.

News Update - Sep 2014

1. Link to BVPS Letter of Objection - 25/8/14

2. We are also pleased to read the Response from the Victorian Society, who have recommended that the application is refused. A summary of that response follows

The Society objects to the application to demolish existing structures within the walled garden and build several dwellings within the walls. The walled garden forms part of the curtilage of the eighteenth century Binfield House. In the statement of significance for Binfield House produced by Bracknell Forest Council in January 2012, it is stated that “Of the 19th century, the most important surviving feature is the walled garden and its outbuildings.” As a walled garden, its significance is not retained merely by the preservation of the walls themselves, but relies on its openness so that it can still be clearly read as a garden.  Even one dwelling would change the character of a walled garden; the scale of development in these proposals, which includes both buildings and division of land into gardens, is such that the garden would lose a large amount of its significance. The demolition of the surviving structures in the walled garden, several of which were appraised in the statement of significance as being original to the garden, and at least one of which has been refurbished and is in use, would compound the harm caused, by removing structures which demonstrate clearly the function of the site. This harm has not been justified.

Status - Aug 2014

The status of the application remains “pending consideration”.  It is good to see lots of comments from residents - 113 objections at the last count . It was intended that this was to be discussed at the BFBC Planning Committee on the 21st August but it has now been withdrawn from the agenda so that various National Societies with an interest in Listed Buildings are consulted. Please keep looking regularly at the BFBC Planning Portal using the two references below.  Amendments noted in the recent updated documents from Beaulieu Homes include:



Planning Application Number: 13/00966/FUL

Beaulieu Homes propose to build 28 houses on the site. Access for those new houses AND Binfield House will be via Knox Green. That same route will also be used by all the construction traffic too.

Planning Application Number: 13/00967/LB

A listed building planning application associated with the above


The Binfield Nursery Site near the Doctor’s Surgery is the latest substantial Development to be proposed.

The new access for the site will be through the first cul-de-sac on the right hand side in Knox Green.  This will also be the access for all traffic in and out of Binfield House. The existing drive past the Binfield Surgery will be blocked off.

Residents can view the plans on the Bracknell Forest Website under the "View Planning Applications".

Many residents have concerns regarding the amount of traffic that will now be passing through a once quiet cul-de-sac of 4 houses. There are also concerns about the extra traffic exiting the junction with Terrace Road North because of bad visibility out of Knox Green, due to cars being parked on both sides of the road towards the Standard roundabout.

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