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BVPS Planning Alerts

In this age of technology, it is no longer effective for BVPS to communicate with residents through public notices, letters and meetings.  The planning process is moving quickly and it is usually only immediate neighbours who will be informed of a proposed new development and invited to comment.  Often, the first the rest of us know about the new house(s) is when the building actually starts. 

Therefore, we have introduced a fast way of alerting all Binfield residents to development threats to Binfield, to provide valid reasons for objecting (to part or all of the plans), and simple instructions on where you may quickly email short "letters" of objection. We believe that this is THE most effective way to alert Binfield residents of planning applications and to give them the opportunity to help object to inappropriate planning applications early in the process.  

To really make this work we need to log as many residents email addresses as possible. Please help us protect your village and surrounding countryside by emailing your name & address to:


You can opt out at any time and your personal details will be kept strictly confidential and used only for this purpose.

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