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Site Allocations Local Plan
- (Bad) News Update June 2013
The Planning Inspector has finally produced his report. Many thanks to NARCAG for the following words - we could not better them!

In essence the response has been approve - approve - approve. In fact it is hard to find anything that the Inspector has not agreed with. The entire exercise has all the appearances of a schoolteacher correcting homework, with much time spent on grammar and inconsequential changes.

So to all of you who spent so much of your time and effort in compiling what we believed to be a staunch defence, a massive thank you.

To Bracknell Council (they do not deserve to maintain the word Forest ), you have achieved your objectives in spite of massive opposition from the residents. Your ambition to concrete over Binfield and Warfield has met with approval from the highest reaches of Government. If it feels good now, then it can only be hoped that when the next elections come around you pay the price and are removed from office.

To those residents who gave such tremendous support, please remember that when the bulldozers move in and the villages of Binfield and Warfield are changed into urban extensions of Bracknell you did try your best, but when up against a Council which cares not a jot about your views, it needs more than just your opinion but a X in a different box at the election. 

Whilst we can continue to oppose the detail to hopefully make improvements where needed, there is no doubt that we have been resoundingly defeated on almost every issue raised.

- BFBC Next Steps

 The Inspector's report will be published in due course on the Council's web site,

The Council will have to go through a decision making process in order to get the Plan adopted.  

SADPD is now renamed SALP, the  'Site Allocations Local Plan'

Please check the BFBC Site Allocations DPD Examination webpages for further updates:

 - The Inspector’s Report - 17 June 2013

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